Special Features

We have got permission to open classes from Pre K.G. to XII Std.

Combination of a modern yet traditional education.

Each classroom has good ventilation enough space with good seating arrangement.

We are giving Specific Importance on the languages (Tamil, English and Hindi)

Sufficient qualified teachers are recruited.

An audio visual class has been provided with huge hall to help students view on larger Screen to acquire knowledge for the Students.

Our School is going to provide Nutritious food and hygenic facilitated canteen.

Yoga makes us physically and mentally strong. So we Provide Yoga in our School.

Karate helps to develop Strong, brave and Courageous Students. So it builds Self-Confidence among the pupils.

School provides Science, Math and Computer labs with full Furnished equipments.

We are encouraging all types of games (Indoor & Outdoor games and Atheletics)

Library with Modernised and furnished room for the reference of the pupil.

Math Lab is where all Students get exposure to the intricacies of Mathematics.

Computerised interactive Board method of teaching for all Pupils.

A First Aid Centre has been provided in emergencies and to provide first aid before sending the Students to the Hospital for further treatment if needed.

Special attention is bestowed on the slow Learners by utilising the Services of an eminent psychiatrist for effectively teaching those students. Most modern psychiatric methods are adopted to improve the power of Comprehension of these students.

We have provided qualified faculties with fluent Spoken English.

Our aim is to produce creativity among the Students through arts and Crafts by trained teacher.

We train our students in Vocal and Musical instruments.

We train our students in abacus with the help of a good abacus teacher.