Correspondent / Principal's Desk


I.JULIAN CAMILLUS , M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil.,

Correspondent & Senior Principal

Having started my teaching career from 1987, I have come across three important schools as a Teacher, Vice Principal and Principal. When I wanted to start a school of my own, I wanted to get rid of all the obstacles and defects that I faced in all these schools were I have served. I could only point out the barriers in previous schools but building the bridges was not done by the Heads of those Schools. Thus KANCHI GLOBAL SCHOOL was born to break the barriers and building bridges. Now I could do all that I wanted to give to my Dear Students whom I always have held close to my HEART. A Dual role to play as a Correspondent and Principal it was usually the Principal within me will be the Winner. My Dream People of Kanchipuram and Surroundings of Kanchi Global School is answer to a thousand questions. Enter with Eagerness and Exit with real Zeal and Pride.